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Cmak Sunflower seeds, unpeeled & unroasted 1 kg

1 kg

Natural product unpeeled. The product is naturally gluten-free and vegan. Please store in a dry place.

Preparation instructions:

In the frying pan
Roast the sunflower seeds without oil in a hot pan over high heat for about 1 minute, stir occasionally and add a little salt if necessary. Toast over medium heat for another 5 to 6 minutes, stirring constantly. Then roast over low heat, stirring regularly, until the sunflower seeds have reached the desired degree of roasting (about 6 to 7 minutes, depending on taste).

In the microwave
Lay out the sunflower seeds in one layer on a microwave-safe plate and, if necessary, lightly salt them. Adjust the heating time of the device power. Please note the information provided by the device manufacturer. Heat for about 1 minute at 800 watts (1.5 minutes at 600 watts). Stir the sunflower seeds and heat at 800 watts for about 1 minute. Repeat the procedure three times.

Peeled sunflower seeds, unroasted

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Durchschnittliche Nährwerte der geschälten Kerne pro 100g
Energie, kJ/kcal 2773/671
Fett, g 61
davon gesättigte Fettsäuren, g 7,5
Kohlenhydrate, g 9,4
davon Zucker, g 2,6
Ballaststoffe, g 6,3
Eiweiß, g 18
Salz, g 2,5