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Canned vegetables

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CMAK Tomatoes & Cucumbers
CMAK Tomatoes & Cucumbers 1.6 kg A mixture of unpeeled pickled tomatoes and cucumbers in a spicy and herbal concoction. Pickled in an Eastern European style with the use of bay and cherry leaves, dill and garlic
CMAK Cherry Tomatoes
CMAK Cherry Tomatoes 680 g Unpeeled cherry tomatoes pickled Eastern European style in a spicy broth. A special blend of spices including bay and cherry leaves, cloves and paprika gives our pickled cherry tomatoes a tangy taste with a subtle sour note.
CMAK Tomatoes
CMAK Tomatoes 680 g Unpeeled tomatoes, pickled according to the Eastern European recipe in a delicately spiced herbal concoction. A special mixture of spices, including bay and cherry leaves, garlic and dill, gives our pickled tomatoes a piquant taste with a fine sour note.
CMAK Malosol Cucumbers
CMAK Malosol Cucumbers 660 g Mildly leavened cucumbers, pickled in a spice and herbal concoction according to an Eastern European recipe. Crisp and spicy, with a fine vinegary note and slight sweetness.
CMAK Salted Dill Pickles
CMAK Salted Dill Pickles 660 g Crooked salted dill pickles in brine, pickled in Eastern European style
Cmak Roasted Peppers
Cmak Roasted Peppers 530 g Red freshly harvested peppers without skin, gently roasted, pickled according to a traditional Eastern European recipe with garlic and parsley and then sterilized in a jar. Our roasted peppers are a special treat due to their piquant fruity spiciness.