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Krakus Zurek Rye Flour Soup
Krakus Zurek Rye Flour Soup 1 L Rye flour soup, pasteurized
Pamapol "Grochowa" Pea Soup with Smoked Bacon 500 g Pea soup with smoked bacon pork fat, sterilized
Pamapol "Flaczki w rosole" Tripe Soup with Vegetable Broth 500 g Flaczki or tripe soup is a soup made from tripe, regionally called flaczki, which is distributed in different variants in numerous countries.
Pamapol "Zurek" Sourdough Soup with Smoked Sausage and Horseradish 500 g The zurek (sourdough soup) is a soup based on a sourdough broth with a typical sour taste. It is mainly found in Polish cuisine (Polish żur, żurek). The soup can be colored with milk, or it can also be cooked with meat, vegetables or dry mushrooms. One option is to prepare them with sausage, smoked pork bacon, pork ribs or pork tails. At the end, a hard-boiled egg is usually added to it.