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Canned meat, sausages and pies

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Pamapol "Wolowina" Beef Breakfast Meat 300 g Beef boiled sausage product with soy protein, sterilized.
Agrico "Pasztet drobiowy" Poultry Pate 130 g Polish spread with bread, rolls and cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers for young and old whether at school or at work during lunch break, breakfast or dinner.
Agrico "Pasztet" Chicken Spread with Tomato 130 g Premium poultry pate with tomatoes
Agrico "Smalec z mięsem" Lard 144 g Lard-containing bread spread with 18% mechanical separatd chicken meat
Agrico "Wieprzowina do smarowania" Sausage Spread, Type of Lard 300 g Pork spread. Perfect for traveling, but also very suitable for any breakfast buffet.