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Moya Semia Pelmeni with Pork Meat XXL 1.5 kg

1.5 kg

Without the addition of flavor enhancers and aromas!

Capacity: 1500 g

Meat weight: 480 g

Store at -18°C (***compartment).

Do not refreeze after defreezing and consume immediately!
The dumplings are not suitable for raw consumption and must be thoroughly cooked!

The dumplings can be served in different forms. We have selected three traditional Eastern European dishes for you that are quick and easy to prepare:

Recipe #1 Boiled Pelmeni

Place the deep-frozen dumplings in boiling salted water and cook for about 8 minutes, stirring several times. Add pepper and bay leaves to taste. When the dumplings float to the surface of the water, they can be carefully removed from the water with a slotted spoon and served on a plate with some Dovgan Family sour cream.

Recipe #2 fried pelmeni

Place the deep-frozen dumplings in boiling salted water and cook for about 8 minutes until they float to the surface. Remove from the water with a slotted spoon and let drain. Heat oil in a frying pan. Fry the dumplings on both sides over medium heat until golden brown. Then arrange on a plate with the traditional Eastern European sauce "Adgika" as a dip.

Recipe #3 Pelmeni Soup

Peel and finely chop the carrots, celery and onion. Put the vegetables in a saucepan together with the peppercorns, bay leaves, salt and water, bring to the boil and cook over a low heat for approx. 7 minutes. The frozen ones
Add dumplings and bring to a boil. After about 8 minutes, the soup is ready to serve. Depending on taste, the soup can be served with chopped parsley and Dovgan Family sour cream.

Dumplings with 45% seasoned pork filling, deep-frozen

Vertrieb: DOVGAN GmbH, Zinkhüttenweg 6, 22113 Hamburg,


32% zerkleinertes Schweinefleisch, Weizenmehl, Wasser, Hartweizengrieß, Zwiebeln, Rapsöl, Salz, schwarzer Pfeffer.

Kann Spuren von ROGGEN, GERSTE und HAFER enthalten.

Durchschnittliche Nährwerte: Pro 100 g Pro Portion* 250g 
Energie kJ / kcal 943 / 225 2359 / 562
Fett g 8,4 21
davon gesättigte Fettsäuren g 2,8 7,0
Kohlenhydrate g 25 63
davon Zucker g 0,6 1,5
Ballaststoffe g 1,3 3,3
Eiweiß g 11 29
Salz g 1,2 2,9

*1 Portion entspricht 250g. Enthalten sind ungefähr 6 Portionen.