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Bazar Parboiled Rice 800 g

800 g

Vegan, lactose-free.

During the "parboiled" process, the raw rice is first soaked and then treated with steam and pressure. Then the rice is dried, peeled and polished. The advantage of this method is that with the help of the hot water vapor, a large part of the vitamins and minerals from the husk are pressed into the grain of rice. Thus, parboiled rice is nutritionally much more valuable than conventionally peeled rice. The cooking time is shortened compared to brown rice.

Store in a dry place, protected from heat. Protect from direct sunlight.

Long Grain Parboiled Rice

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Langkorn Parboiled Reis.

Das Produkt kann Spuren von GLUTEN enthalten.

Durchschnittliche Nährwerte pro 100 g
Energie kJ / kcal 1483 / 349
Fett g 0,4
davon gesättigte Fettsäuren g 0,1
Kohlenhydrate g 77
davon Zucker g 0,3
Ballaststoffe g 2,2
Eiweiß g 8,8
Salz g 0